Find a lead investor

Be introduced to 20+ VCs investing at pre-seed and seed.

Get multiple introductions at once

If we think your startup is fundable, we'll share your profile with some VCs that we trust and that trust us. If they show an interest, we'll introduce you to them.

  • SuperFounder introduced us to many VCs including Wingman Ventures who ended up leading our round. This saved us a lot of time and we got the VCs' full attention from the start.

    Dorian de Vinck, Founder at Backbone

Broad geographies and sectors

The VCs who receive our deal flow mostly operate at pre-seed and seed in various European geographies. Here is a sample of who they are.

We can also invest in your startup

If we are excited about your startup, we will ask you if you want us to co-invest in your round. This is optional and not a condition for us to help you.

Find a lead investor

Be introduced to 20+ VCs investing at pre-seed and seed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you do this?

    First, we love to help talented Founders. Second, we believe that helping startups will result in us finding cool investment opportunities in the process.

  • Do you share the form with the VCs?

    Yes, that's the only way to make them interested in your startup. In your application, make sure to include information that you feel comfortable being shared.

  • Is this free?

    Yes, one hundred percent.

  • Do you help every startup?

    No, we're really selective. We evaluate the potential of your team, product and market like a VC would.

  • Do all of the VCs receive the form?

    No, only those who invest in the sector of your startup.